For 11 Years, We have “Recycled” Unwanted Shelter Dogs Into Wonderful Pets!

Recycled Doggies is an all-foster rescue founded by former volunteers of a Kentucky shelter. We took all that we learned while volunteering at the shelter and formed this rescue to help shelter dogs, one by one, escape death and find their forever homes.

We believe that amazing dogs are abandoned at shelters all the time, and our mission is to help those amazing dogs find homes by pulling them from the shelters where they may not put their best paws forward, cleaning them up, socializing them, and then introducing them to you!

Our focus has always been on saving death row dogs at shelters.

Recycled Doggies is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  Our tax ID number is 27-0913056.

A Message To Our Adopters and Fans from Recycled Doggies – posted to Facebook 9/20/2020
You may have noticed that we have been pretty quiet here on Facebook these last months. That’s because we have made the difficult decision to wind down our rescue. That means we are not taking in any new dogs into our rescue. We are committed to finding homes for the few dogs we have left in the rescue and intend to remain a resource that is available to help if a dog previously adopted from Recycled Doggies needs help finding a new home. But we won’t be taking in new dogs.
This was not an easy decision to make, but after 11 years, we decided it was time. Covid-19 had nothing to do with our decision to wind down, but in some ways did make it easier for us to gradually recede from the public eye while we took care of things on our end.
The animal shelter and rescue community here in the Cincinnati area looks very different than it did 11 years ago when we started Recycled Doggies. While there is still much room for improvement, we truly believe that the dogs (and cats) in the greater Cincinnati and surrounding area are in much better hands with so many more resources available than they were when we first started out in 2009.
We are very proud of all that we have accomplished in the last 11 years. We have saved thousands of dogs. We also fed the dogs and cats (and some other critter pets) of a huge number of low income pet owners in the Cincinnati area for 8 1/2 years through our Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry program and helped a number of low income pet owners provide urgent/emergency vet care for their pets so they didn’t have to euthanize the pets or give them up.
We couldn’t have accomplished all that we have without our foster families, our volunteers, our adopters, our veterinarians and vet clinics, and all of the fans and other donors (individuals and companies) who supported us with donations of supplies and money over the years. You have sustained us and helped us be the rescue we wanted to be. We will be forever grateful for your support, your generosity, your kindness, and your friendship. We have met so many amazing people through our time in rescue who will be forever friends – that is a wonderful gift.
As we continue to wind down, we will be donating the supplies we still have to rescues and shelters in the community to help them in their continued work on behalf of the homeless and needy cats and dogs in the Cincinnati area. We have withdrawn from the Kroger Community Rewards Program and the Amazon Smile program, as we don’t anticipate having an ongoing need for donations. If you selected Recycled Doggies as your beneficiary for those programs over the years- thank you! Your shopping helped those programs donate a large amount of money to us over the years, helping sustain us. Now you can support another deserving program. There are many deserving animal welfare programs in the area – some of our favorites with missions aligned with ours are the Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society (the Clermont County shelter), the Cincinnati Animal CARE (the new organization running the Hamilton County Shelter), and Animal Friends Humane Society (the Butler County Shelter). We hope you will support these shelters and the other shelters and rescues in our community and encourage them and help them to do wonderful things for the dogs and cats in the Cincinnati area. Please consider looking for them in the lists of participating organizations for both the Kroger Community Rewards program and Amazon Smile program. If you have other donations set up to benefit us (such as through PayPal or through your employer), please go ahead and select a new deserving organization. We are so very grateful for your support over the years.
Thank you all so much for all of your support over the past 11 years. We are so much better for having had you and our wonderful doggies in our lives.
❤️ 🐾❤️
Shannon & Shera
Recycled Doggies