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25 minutes ago

Recycled Doggies


Dear Santa,

Hang onto your hat- my story is going to really get you. After 9 long years, I am back at Recycled Doggies. No one knows exactly where I’ve been all this time - I’ve got stories upon stories but I’m keeping my mouth shut, as I’m not looking for your sympathy. I’m looking for love! Isn’t that what we all want, Santa?

I was adopted years ago but somehow ended up in western Kentucky 5 hours away, living outside, abandoned by the jerks that last had me who neglected me and then moved away and left me to fend for myself as winter approached (and who knows how many other “homes” I had since being adopted long ago - I told ya, I’m not talking about it, Santa! It’s too painful...) But until last week, I was scavenging for food in garbage cans, filthy and all alone. Lucky for me, a nice neighbor realized the house was now abandoned and saw me getting into trouble and brought me inside. And then the dog warden came to get me and she scanned me for a microchip and it was a Christmas miracle that she found my microchip - it had wandered to my left elbow when I was a puppy with lots of extra skin!! And the microchip was registered to Recycled Doggies- THANK GOODNESS!!

The dog warden called Recycled Doggies and heard my saga and sob story and they quickly found an angel named Pam who offered to make the 10 hour round trip drive to bring me back. My faith in humanity has been restored, Santa. Just in time for Christmas. 🎅🏻❤️🎄

You see, Santa, I’m a super nice dog. Like the nicest dog that ever lived. Just ask every Recycled Doggies volunteer who has met me so far- they all love me soooo much and I’ve only been back not even a week! I was even a perfect passenger for the five hour ride back to Cincinnati. I’m awesome! But sadly, Santa, it turns out that the years of neglect, probably never going to the vet, took their toll. I have heartworms. That comes from mosquito bites and not being on heartworm prevention. Thankfully it’s treatable but the treatment is very expensive and will be very hard on my body. I start my treatment the week before Christmas. Heartworm treatment will be rough on me. And it takes months. So I was hoping you might help a fellow out and bring me a few items to make treatment a little more tolerable. And if you can rustle up some $$ donations towards my vet bill, that would help too. I’m going to be expensive, but I’m so worth it!

In addition to wanting to be healthy, this year I really just want a forever home. I want deep, unending, loyal love. The kind you see in those Hallmark movies that make you get all teary-eyed. You know what I mean, Santa. 😉

I am a lot like you, Santa— I’m a big guy at over 70 pounds and right now I have a tiny bed. It’s too small for me. And since I am also old like you (no offense, sir), an orthopedic bed would be good for my aging joints. I also love cookies and other treats like you, and bones and more treats!! I have a sweet tooth! I even love Cheerios but not when they fall on the floor! After foraging through trash cans for food, I’m done picking up scraps. Nothing but the best for me now! Got any yummy treats you can bring me?

I’d love to get a nice coat and sweater too, Santa. Winter is coming, you know. I’m an XXL (don’t judge...)

My foster family also says that a stuffed animal toy would be good for me. I know you have elves who could help me get one. I like the Lucky and Chance ones that Petsmart sells- they’re a good size for a manly dog like me! I don’t really play with the toys but I love my human foster sister’s stuffed animals (don’t worry, I don’t chew them- I’m way too mature) and she thought I deserved one of my own (I think she wants hers back too!) And if you get me a stuffed animal, it would be great if you could get me a big soft blankie too. I’ll share it with my toy and my people too.

Speaking of people, actually, Santa, I would be a great dog for you! I love riding in cars and I bet your sleigh is just like that! I’m an excellent passenger! And while I do slobber a little, I bet your elves could clean it up! I also love to be petted and since you only work once a year, you can dedicate all the rest of the time to petting me! Sounds like a dream to me! I love to be petted. I will paw at you if you stop too soon- I really like attention! But if that’s not to be, then please help me find my dream family.

Santa, I just know that this holiday season will be my best yet and 2020 will be amazing. Thanks for being a part of that!

Love always,

If you'd like to buy Lang something from his list, please comment below. The list can be covered by a single person or split among several people - totally up to you. You can either bring the present to an upcoming adoption event (listed on our website www.recycleddoggies.org) or email us at recycleddoggies@gmail.com to get the mailing address as we don't post that info on facebook. We can’t PM from our page so please email us. Thank you!
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8 hours ago

Recycled Doggies


Dear Santa,

It’s me, Bailey (or Bailey Boo as my foster mom calls me!). Let me start with the hard stuff. This hasn’t been my best year. I’ve made some mistakes. It’s true. I’m owning them and trying to be my best self. But honestly I struggle in certain situations and I’m fairly certain I’ve ended up on your “naughty” list*. I think I have some anxiety (I take Prozac) that makes me act a fool sometimes. And it surprises people because I’m so darn cute and mostly well-behaved. But it’s making it hard for me to find my forever home and that makes me and my foster mom really sad because she knows I have it in me to be a superstar on the “nice” list. So I could use your help. Look for the homes in the Cincinnati area where you don’t deliver any kid toys and gifts. None at all. Not for kids living there, and not for kids that visit. No kid neighbors either if possible. You see, Santa, I’m just not kid-friendly. I wish I could tell you why but honestly I’m not sure but I’m sure I had a good reason at some point!

Santa, I’m looking for an adult only home. Also a home without many visitors as I’m not exactly the welcome wagon when people come barging in the house (I’m cautious, Santa! You never know these days who might come in that door!) I’m better if I come into a room and a new person is already there, knows my name, maybe offers a scrumptious treat or two and works hard to show me they’re ok. That’s more my style if we have to have visitors. I don’t attend adoption events anymore- they’re not my style either. It’s intimidating to be in a crate (oh yeah I don’t love the crate. I forgot to tell you that) and have people staring at you and other dogs walking by and you’re just stuck there at their mercy. So I bark and carry on and I even nipped at a kid and another dog once while there so we decided it wasn’t where I was my best self and so I just stay home. But it means it’s harder for people to meet me and for me to find the right forever home. But we keep trying! Surprisingly, I do well at the groomer and at the vet. I like to keep people guessing! 😊

I do ok with other small calmer dogs (cats too!) as long as they do their thing and let me do mine. I’m not looking for doggy playmates- that’s what my future humans are for! I love going for walks, car rides, and playing ball! Oh how I love playing ball. 💕

My foster mom says I truly am an awesome dog. I’m a great snuggler. I pay close attention to my people- even making sure all is ok when they go potty just like they do when I go potty! 🤣 I like to explore the yard but I don’t want to be out very long before I’m ready to rejoin my people inside. I’ve been doing well on housetraining - very few accidents. I’m a good boy, Santa! I’m a faithful loyal companion. I don’t beg for people food- in fact, I usually nap while my foster mom eats to give her space. I know she will share eventually if she thinks I’ve been a good boy and I can be very patient! Well, except when she touches the leash or suggests it might be time to go bye-bye. Then I lose my mind with excitement! I leap in the air, I click my heels, I dance around! It’s a sight to be seen, Santa! Such joy!

Anyway, Santa. I’ve gone on and on. The point I’m trying to make is that I deserve special consideration. That naughty list notation has an asterisk for a reason- I’m really supposed to be on the nice list. (Read all about me on the Recycled Doggies website - www.recycleddoggies.org - I’m sure I’ve left out some details here...) So... since I’m really on the nice list, my foster mom thought I might still be able to ask you for a few presents if that’s ok.

Santa, I’m a pretty handsome fellow. I’d love to emphasize my handsomeness with a necktie (not a bow tie- I have one of those already) that I can wear for pictures to attract my future forever family. Maybe a plaid one if you see one of those. I’m about 20ish pounds (a big Yorkie mix). I also would love a navy blue sweater (either a bigger medium or a smaller large). And my very own stylish collar and matching leash. Maybe a navy pattern if you have one but I’m open to other ideas!) Finally, Santa, how about some squeaky tennis balls? That would be so awesome!!

Thanks for listening, Santa. I know it’s a lot to process but I’m worth the extra effort. My foster mom says I’m just the best doggy and it makes her sad that others don’t get to see my awesomeness. ❤️

Please be careful when you come Christmas Eve down our chimney. Remember I’m wary of visitors. Say my name, talk sweet, offer me scrumptious treats. Oh and maybe give me a tummy rub- gosh I love those!

Love ya, Santa!
❤️Bailey Boo

If you'd like to buy Bailey something from his list, please comment below. The list can be covered by a single person or split among several people - totally up to you. You can either bring the present to an upcoming adoption event (listed on our website www.recycleddoggies.org) or email us at recycleddoggies@gmail.com to get the mailing address as we don't post that info on facebook. We can’t PM from our page so please email us. Thank you!
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20 hours ago

Recycled Doggies



Hi Santa,

It’s me, Gail! How have we never met?! I’ve been around town for a while now. I was picked up as a stray out in the country and I was really a matted mess and I had an eye infection, but we got me groomed pretty and my eyes got cleared up (I still get eye gook but that’s just my normal...) No one really knows how old I am- my rescue friends joke that I’m “ancient” but I’m actually slightly less than ancient but definitely elderly. A lady never tells her age, you know. 😚

Anyway, age is just a number anyway- it’s all how you feel inside, right? Well, to be honest Santa, while my bloodwork is excellent, my body is starting to show its age these days. My sight and hearing are not so great. I don’t run around like I used to (I’m more of a wandering meanderer) and I don’t chew things up like the young pups (although I do get quite excited for yummy treats- watch your fingers!). I get a kick out of watching the young whipper-snapper dogs in my foster home wrestle around- they’re cray-cray, Santa! I don’t mind being around dogs and kids, and I love to watch cats and hear their funny noises.

As for me, I’m not the most affectionate gal at first. I make my people earn my affection. 😘 And every once in a while I’m extra attentive and loving just to throw every one off. It makes this old gal giggle inside. Here’s a hint, Santa- if you want to get on my good side, I love my head and ears rubbed. 🥰😛

I’m new at this Santa thing - somehow I missed out on meeting you in all my many many prior years, but I’m a quick study and I heard that you make a naughty and nice list and on Christmas you bring gifts to all the nice boys and girls, including us doggies. Is that true, Santa? Cuz I have been a very good girl! My foster mom tells me I’m a sweet gal looking for a home to retire to. Maybe you can help me find my retirement home? And while you’re thinking on that one, maybe you’ve got a few presents for me in your gift bag? I would love some pretty sweaters and dresses to wear, I love getting dressed up and staying warm. I’m a medium. I’m pretty short to the ground but kinda long. Also, I never had a shiny new collar (size small) and leash to call my own, maybe you can find me one that sparkles (I think the youngins call it bling). I sure could use a new orthopedic crate pad (washable and on the small side please) - I like to be all cozy when I sleep. Finally, Santa- while I am missing some of my teeth, I still love treats, especially soft ones. Got any? Yummy 😋 And last but not least, while I love my foster family very much, I really want to find my own family. If you can swing that then you’re the bee’s knees!

I look forward to finally meeting you on Christmas Eve, Santa. Safe travels!



If you'd like to buy Gail something from her list, please comment below. The list can be covered by a single person or split among several people - totally up to you. You can either bring the present to an upcoming adoption event (listed on our website www.recycleddoggies.org) or email us at recycleddoggies@gmail.com to get the mailing address as we don't post that info on facebook. We can’t PM from our page so please email us. Thank you!
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