Apply for Adoption

Please note that we require an in-person meeting prior to approving an adoption.  We do not adopt dogs to adopters that live out of our area. We define our area as a 2 Hour drive time from downtown Cincinnati (zip code 45202) according to Google Maps. In limited instances, we may further limit the adoption area of a particular dog. It will state this in the dog’s online listing if that is the case.

If you are not sure if you are within our area, please use the map below to check if you are inside a 2 hour radius from 45202 prior to submitting an application. Please note that we do not make exceptions to this 2 hour rule. We have this 2 hour rule in place because we know that despite everyone’s best intentions, some adoptions do not work out. As an all volunteer organization, we cannot quickly mobilize a volunteer to go retrieve one of our dogs at a distance greater than 2 hours drive time (4 hours round trip).

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If you need to contact us for any reason about your application, please email us or click here to complete our online contact form.  Our fax number is 513.275.5842.


Click HERE to access our adoption application. It will open another window for you to complete the application. Make sure you see a “Thank you” screen after you submit the application. If you don’t see that, we did not receive your application. You will also immediately get an acknowledgment email – if you did not, please check your email address that you put in the application.